Now that you have installed your BuzzPicha and you have downloaded your BuzzApp, you are ready to receive your first BuzzCall.

See the BuzzApp menu below.

buzzmenuClick on Device tab


Click on Message tab


Click on Image Tab


Click More tab to enter system settings for app updates and account information.  Please note for Android users, the BuzzApp has to be logged on in the background all the time to operate properly.


Click on device setting.


Device settings:

  • Time setting – ensure that the time and date is set to the correct time zone for South Africa to you accurate and realtime information.
  • Media setting – ensure that PAL is selected.  The sound volume is the master volume control of your BuzzPicha in the BuzzApp
  • Safety setting – a guest password can be generated.  Guests can monitor, take photos, but not unlock, change settings and view video recordings.
  • Network setting – this shows the network settings of your BuzzPicha device.
  • Alarm setting –
    • Receive warning message – this is enabled by default.  If this is disabled, then the user will not receive a BuzzCall from your visitor.
    • Alarm sending account number – this lists the BuzzUsers that are currently linked to your BuzzPicha.  Up to 5 users at a time can access your BuzzPicha.
    • Alarm mailbox – a screenshot image can be sent to your email address upon activation of the alarm.
    • Mobile surveillance – this enables or disables the motion detection alarm
    • Buzzer – the user can set the duration of the Buzzer from 1 to 3 minutes.
    • Human Body Infrared switch – this is enabled by default, which detects movement within 3 meters of your BuzzPicha.
  • Video recording setting –  there are 3 modes of recording.  Your BuzzPicha is supplied with an 8G Micro SD Card that can give you extensive log of recordings. At the bottom of the screen you will see the storage capacity and status of your BuzzSDCard.   All video recordings are saved in 720p resolution.
    • Manual recording – you can manually set your BuzzPicha to record footage.


    • Alarm recording – this setting will records each BuzzCall, PIR detection, Motion detection and Tamper Alarm.


  • Timed video recording – select a pre-defined time period to record within a 24 hour period.


  • Add sensors – extension function to add 433Mb intelligent device.
  • Check device updates – to update BuzzApp