How to pair your BuzzChime with your BuzzPicha

Ensure that your BuzzChime is connected to power, either by USB or with the BuzzUSBPower to electrical socket.

Ensure that your BuzzPicha is powered and connected to router.

  1. Press the “volume” button of your BuzzChime and release once the blue light has appeared on your BuzzChime.
  2. Press the BuzzCall button of your BuzzPicha once and release. The light of your BuzzChime will flash once.
  3. Press the BuzzCall button again, and then the light of your BuzzChime will flash several times.  This means that the pairing is successful.

Adjust the volume control accordingly and select the melody as per your preference.

To unpair the BuzzChime, press the “volume” button of your BuzzChime for at least 3 seconds, and then the light on your BuzzChime will go out.  The BuzzChime will no longer pick up signal from your BuzzPicha.