We recommend that you carefully consider the permanent location of your BuzzPicha, avoiding direct sunlight, rain and wind. 

The ideal height is between 1.3m and 1.6m – see pic A below.


Your BuzzPicha is supplied with a small Allen key, 4 sets of screws and plugs, double-sided tape, and 2 small tamper alarm screws.



Please note that your BuzzPicha will not work unless the small tamper alarm screw secures your BuzzPicha into the housing.  We have supplied an extra one in case you lose it.

Should you not be able to fit screws into walls or panels, double-sided tape is applied to the housing – see pic B


See pic C to demonstrate how your BuzzPicha fits into the BuzzHousing and point 4 shows where the tamper alarm screw secures it.


See below pic demonstrating how the BuzzHousing is mounted onto an existing electrical housing.


Next step – Connecting your BuzzPicha to Power and Internet.