In order for you to determine which configuration to use, you need to determine how far your router is from your front door.

The easiest way to test your signal strength is take your smart device to your front door, ensuring that you are on the same WiFi network.


If you get 3 or 4 bars signal on your smart device, then configuration 1 or 2 can be used.

If not, we suggest you use configuration 3, as your router may not be close enough.

Alternatively, move the location of your router closer to your front door or purchase a WiFi signal booster.



Configuration 1

POWER: Connect the DC Cable to BuzzPicha to the BuzzPower adapter and then to main electricity supply.

INTERNET: The doorbell can be connected via WiFi (2) or Ethernet cable (1).


Configuration 2

This configuration is exactly the same as configuration 1, except instead of connecting the BuzzPower adapter, power is run from your existing alarm system.

POWER: Connect the doorbell to existing 12V wiring on alarm system. We recommend this to be installed by a qualified electrician if this option selected.

INTERNET: The doorbell can be connected either via WiFi (2) or Ethernet cable (1).

Configuration 3

POWER: Connect the doorbell via LAN Ethernet Cable (cable not supplied) at RJ45 port  behind the BuzzPicha to BuzzPoE injector and into Router.

INTERNET: The doorbell can only be connected via LAN Cable if using this configuration.


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